Dave, Danny, and Loretta looking for canyons to chase down.

CanyonChasers had it’s humble beginnings in 1994 when four college buddies would routinely skip class to go for long motorcycle rides with the goal of connecting as many canyons between here and there as possible. We called this “Chasing Canyons.”

When Netscape Navigator was released at the end of 1994, a haphazard website was built as a way to share photos from those early rides. We called it “CanyonChasers.” Soon, other early web surfers would find our photos and begin asking questions. Which route did you take? What helmet is that? Is it any good? Instead of responding to all those questions individually, answers were posted to that ugly web page.

By the late ’90s, CanyonChasers really started to grow. Out of a desire to become the best possible riders, Dave and Kris became motorcycle safety instructions with Utah Motorcycle Education, and in 2022 Dave was certified as a Champions Certified Coach with Yamaha Champions Riding School. This resulted in CanyonChasers team seeing steady growth from more like-minded riders. Team members brought expertise from various disciplines ranging from computer engineering to systems design to adult education to nursing to championship-winning road racers (and just about everything in between). This broad scope of backgrounds has helped CanyonChasers become what it is today.

canyonchasrs founding members
Kris, Dave and Danny in front of the Grand Tetons (1990-something).

Our goal is to improve the motorcycle community through researched rider education techniques aimed at helping riders become more proficient and to enhance the enjoyment of motorcyclists through informed and unbiased perspectives on everything from riding gear, motorcycle routes and fresh perspectives on topics that affect motorcyclists. We believe in the importance of community and encourage riders to build relationships with local motorcycle shops and rider organizations.

It’s virtually impossible to get all of us together for a single photo (we couldn’t even do it in three), but the contributions of all the behind-the-scenes team members who you may never see and are rarely mentioned cannot be understated. Special thanks to Kris, Danny, Loretta, Mike, Kristy, Don, Shirley, Warren, Irina, Dana, Ryan, Scott, Brian, Coleen, Dale, Kory, Randy, Roy, Rick, Tim, Dave, Tiffany, Gary, Phyllis, Joe, Kieth, Eric, Dawn, and Kerri. Our quality would suffer without their valuable contributions.

Irina, Warren, Kristy, Mike, Kris, Dave
Don, Dave, Shirley, Kieth, Kris
Dave, Gary, Phyllis, Mike, Kristy, Warren