• Viking Apex 40L ADV Touring Tail Bag Review

    Viking Apex ADV Touring Duffel Bag Review

    We are excited to be working with Viking Bags to try out their Viking Apex Large Ducati ADV Touring 40L Duffel Bag. It’s a 2400 cubic inch luggage made of ballistic nylon and 100% waterproof TPU fabric. It has two roll-top openings, MOLLE webbing, mesh pocket, cylindrical pocket, and a detachable water-resistant pocket. Be sure to check back as we ...
  • motorcycle couple riding together

    Ensure a Smooth Ride With A Buddy/Spouse

    Motorcycling is an individual sport, often done collectively.  A lot of us enjoy the camaraderie riding with pals, but sharing that experience poses a whole new batch of challenges.   Riding alone, it’s easy to just want to push to the next town two-hours away, or wake up before the sun is over the horizon and ride an hour to breakfast, ...
  • innovv k5 motorcycle dashcam

    Innovv K5 Installation and Review

    Dashcam’s are cars have basically become a necessity for many drivers largely because they help cut down on insurance fraud. But when it comes to motorcycles, a lot of riders tend to ride with a simple GoPro. But a company called Innovv has been working to change that. Their Innovv K5 dashcam features front and rear cameras, microphone, 5HZ GPS ...
  • motorcycle christmas

    Gift Ideas for Motorcycle Riders Starting at $10

    Before getting started we should quickly mention what not to buy the motorcyclist in your life.  Avoid buying them oil, tires, chain lube, helmets, visors, gloves or any riding gear as a general rule.  We, motorcyclists, are incredibly fickle about such things so unless you know exactly the size and type of kit they want, don’t do it. Fit is ...
  • NCY Rear Shock Review

    Yamaha Zuma NCY Rear Shock Review

    The Yamaha Zuma YW50 2-stroke scooter has always brought me a lot of joy and has been the subject of a lot of upgrades, some for performance and some that I thought were funny. But one thing I’ve never been able to solve was a reasonably priced option to upgrade the rear shock and one that actually works. Freaking scooters ...
  • Nelson Rigg Trail Bag

    Nelson Rigg CL-1060-S Tail/Seat Bag

    Tankbags are amazing but come with a whole batch of problems. First, unless you are extremely careful, and even if you are meticulous, the risk of scratching or damaging your paint is fairly high. Unless you have a metal tank and are able to use a magnetic tank bag, you need to find ways to attach mounting straps and half ...
  • Grease Ninja Chain Lube Assistant

    Grease Ninja Chain Lube Assistant

    Oddly enough, one of the most common products we get sent here at CanyonChasers have something to do with chains and chain maintenance. We never fully realized how much people must hate taking care of their chains. Now, granted, most of these products are so bad and so cumbersome that they rarely make it onto the site, but the most ...
  • skwoosh motorcycle gel pad on a ducati monster

    Skwoosh Gel Seat Pad

    The motorcycle seat usually carries most of the rider’s weight, so it has a significant impact on rider comfort. However, this is an area where motorcycle manufacturers tend to fall short. If you take a test ride, ride mostly around town, or take short day rides, you probably won’t take particular notice of the seat. Motorcycle characteristics such as riding ...
  • Ducati 848 Power Commander Race Track

    DynoJet Power Commander and Optimizer

    Modern motorcycles are nothing short of amazing. Traction control, slipper clutches, variable valve timing; bikes have become so good their power and performance seem to be limited primarily by legislation. EPA/Environmental laws that dictate how much “stuff” is allowed out of the exhaust pipe, in the form of noise, CO, CO 2, soot or hydrocarbons become the limiting factors to ...
  • Timbuk2 Messenger bag on a motorcycle

    Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

    Motorcyclists and cyclists have more in common than many of each group probably wants to admit, and as such there’s quite a bit of gear that translates between the two activities. One such item that has become one of our favorites is the Messenger Bag. Ruck’s (or backback’s as us Yanks call ‘em) are miserable. Because your arms are reaching ...