• Klim Badlands Gore-Tex Pro

    Klim Badlands Gore-Tex Pro Motorcycle Jacket

    Aside from the helmet, the motorcycle jacket is probably the most significant piece of motorcycle gear we search for. Klim, based out of Rigby Idaho, started out making snowmobile kit, but has been moving into the motorcycle market, bringing years of experience battling winter conditions with them and completely raising the bar on what a motorcycle jacket is capable of providing. ...
  • Fox Creek Ladies Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    Fox Creek Leathers Women’s All Season Jacket

    Fox Creek Leather is a small family owned and operated business located in rural Virginia. In his youth, founder, Paul Trachy lived the biker lifestyle and from that experience, he learned the need for durable, reliable, functional and attractive leather riding gear. His answer to that need was and is, Fox Creek Leathers. With few employees and low overhead, commitment ...
  • Power Trip Blackhawk Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    Power Trip Blackhawk Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    Regardless of what you may have heard, Power-Trip motorcycle gear is merely Joe Rocket gear branded for Cruisers, and while we’ve not had the best of luck with lower price point JR gear, we have been happy with higher-end JR kit. A ladies, Joe Rocket Luna jacket started coming apart at the seams, not from a crash, or from harsh ...
  • Alpinestars S-MX Air Flo Vented Motorcycle Jacket

    Alpinestars S-MX Air Flo Vented Riding Jacket

    Finding a quality leather jacket to handle the most intense heat summer months can offer is not as easy as you would think. There are plethoras of mesh/nylon jackets that offer amazing breathability but offer a minimum of protection. If you feel better wearing the most protective gear you can get your hands on, mesh doesn’t quite cut it. Perforated ...
  • Olympia AST All Seasons Touring Motorcycle Jacket

    Olympia AST (All Season Touring) Motorcycle Jacket

    The joy and greatest challenge of touring is that you never know what you’re gonna’ get (no reference to a box of chocolates here). On one day it could be sunny and 72-degrees, and the next day it’ll be 30-degrees, wet and cold, the day after that it’ll be in the triple digits with face-melting humidity. For most of us, ...
  • 16

    Icon Accelerant Leather Jacket

    Icon is relatively new to the motorcycle gear world, arriving on the scene in about 2002 but touting gear “made for the street”. There is no question that their gear looks really good, and it doesn’t hurt their image that modeling their gear they use size 1 hotties with perfectly round rear-ends, and muscle bound hunks with broad shoulders and ...
  • Ladies Tourmaster Cortech Leather Jacket

    Tour Master Ladies LNX Leather Jacket

    This jacket touts that it is “designed, patterned and styled specifically for women” and truly this jacket fulfills its promise! At the beginning of my riding career, there simply was not any women’s gear to choose from and as a result, I was left with wearing the smallest men’s motorcycle gear I could find. With time, the industry has finally ...
  • Kawasaki Z1000 British Columbia Sport Touring

    Tour Master Ladies Trinity Textile Jacket

    Finding quality ladies gear is a lot easier than it used to be. It wasn’t that long ago that the lady CanyonChasers were forced to look for the overly small men’s gear and deal with the frumpy shoulders and an overall bulky feel that did nothing for the feminine form. There are more options today, but many of them seem ...